Virtual Card Oracle

Click on the deck to draw a new card. Click on table cells to edit their contents.
In fact, click on this text to edit it, too!

What's a card oracle, and who is it for?

A card oracle is any set of information that's meant to correspond with a pack of cards, typically deciphered with a table like the one down and to your right. Because cards can be shuffled, table-top role players use them to add chance and surprise into their games.

However, you can use them for any kind of prompt, really, once you have a set to work from. Creative writing, what to have for dinner, who to block on Twitter, etc.

Does the digital deck have all of the standard 52 playing cards?

All of them and more! They are magic infinity cards. Each draw is completely random, so in 52 generations it's quite possible to get the same card twice, or skip over a few.

Can you see my edits? What does "export to TXT" do?

Edits happen only in your browser, for as long as you keep the tab open. Nothing is stored or sent to me, or anyone.

"Export to TXT" generates a plain text file that includes the contents of the editable introduction paragraph above, as well as all of the data from the table cells, should you want to save a copy of anything you've written. This, too, does not get sent anywhere besides your own computer.



A eye wheel hand flag
2 hat piston flower shield
3 star wave hourglass sailing ship
4 camel wand honeycomb leaf
5 goblet knife windmill scissors
6 pinecone saddle half moon horseshoe
7 claw umbrella bruise tooth
8 chicken foot lock spiderweb key
9 bell rabbit seashell eggshell
10 chess pawn mushroom horn feather
J hammer bobbin serpent birdcage
Q weathervane dragonfly tongue cog
K bat wing lightning bolt crown flame